Posted by: NatuEyes | May 14, 2017

Troy Ballard-Natural Eyesight Improvement Teacher

Troy Ballard

Have you ever noticed your vision change? Sometimes worse? Sometimes better? Many people have noticed their eyesight change, often getting better. What if we learn what makes our vision worse and stop doing those things? What if we learn what makes our vision better and start doing those things?

I have taught many students the principles of Natural Perfect Eyesight. Several of my students have improved their eyesight and many have seen evidence that the way they use their eyes mind and body together makes them see blurry and require artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery).

My goals are to help people regain 1 to 2 diopters of their vision per month and to reach natural perfect eyesight within a year. Translation: most people who have to rely on glasses have 3 to 8 diopters of nearsightedness or 1 to 3 diopters of presbyopia(blurry vision up close).

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