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Wow Experiences

NEI Course 2005


***Please note clear flashes are not necessarily a marker of progress, but more likely a sign that a person is doing more things correct and a general indicator of change. Clearer vision for several hours or days is more of a marker of progress in clarity. Troy Ballard makes no claims, associations, or conjectures on these personal experiences***

Jan 24, 07′ – Penny V. has a very nice clear flash in class after a palming story

Dec 27, 06′ – Kazree J.’s glasses are way too strong

Dec 15, 06′ – Jenelle O. no longer requires glasses or contacts for driving. She passed her drivers exam without any artificial corrections. Congratulations Jenelle!!

Nov 10, 06′ – Nezla E. is seeing clearer and easier every class

Nov 10, 06′ – Don D.’s weaker eye is much less stressed and irritated at the end of the day

Oct 6, 06′ – Troy B.’s vision has been clearer and easier than normal for a couple of weeks

Jun 18, 06′ – Marnae C. watches blur try to creep in and remembers the good vision habits and watches her vision clear back up

May 17, 06′ – Barbara L. is noticing wonderful improvement in her eyesight

Mar 21, 06′ – Troy teaches home teacher with amblyopia how to turn on eye and he observes his eyesight go blurry and diffused to clear and back again several times

Jan 06′ – Troy teaches a pilot who’s vision was normally 20/15 and whose eye was measuring 20/20 and his eye returned to 20/15 within a few moments

Jan 12, 06′ – Troy teaches a 14 year old patient of Dr. Pugh’s a few basic principles and their vision goes from 20/40 to 20/20 within a few moments

Jan 06′ – Troy B. is getting clearer flashes of vision in the night time

Dec 31, 05′ – Jennifer M’s photocurrent is expanding greatly

Dec 6, 05′ – Jennifer M has a clear flash while using her memory

Oct 05′ – Jennifer M had a clearer flash while practicing a good vision habit and becoming aware of a subtle principle

Oct 05′ – Jill W noticed the stars were unusually clear when she walked her dog in the early morning. Later on she realized she wasn’t wearing her glasses at that time

Sep 21, 05′ – Ali C. had a clear flash while learning a principle in class

Sep 14, 05′ – Vania W. can read laundry labels again

Sep 12, 05′ – Troy B. had clearer vision for several days

Aug 20, 05′ – Troy B. is seeing great progress in his vision. Today Troy had a beautiful clear flash while practicing a self healing activity

Jul 05′ – Jill W. noticed she could do a lot more without her glasses than she thought she could

Jul 05′ Jennifer M. had clear flash after using her reduced glasses regularly

05′ Jennifer M’s husband brought his vision from ~20/160 to 20/20 within just a few weeks of practicing a few of the principles

Jul 16, 05′ – Jill W. and Judith C. notice clearer vision after palming and other self healing

May 1, 05′ – Josh C. has clearer vision while practicing clusters and runs

Apr 2, 05′ – Ken B. is seeing road signs more clearly

Apr 2, 05′ – Christi W. receives relief from vision tension and strain

Mar 24, 05′ – Josh C. has clearer flash while imagining natural movement

Mar 19, 05′ – Troy’s first multi student class went great

Feb 18, 05′ – Troy B. had clearer vision for several hours

Dec 04′ – Attendee has clear flash while practicing self healing activity in Free Introductory Lecture and tears up

Aug 04′ – Tony S. had a clear flash while practicing a long swing

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