Posted by: NatuEyes | September 27, 2010

Natural Eyesight Improvement A.K.A.s

Natural Vision Improvement

Natural Neck Improvement- When the eyes are under tension all the cells in the body are under tension. The eyes are an extension of the brain. The neck is chronically tense and tight when we have blurry vision habits. Most people are just so used to it that they are unaware of anything different. Many people are pleasantly surprised by the increase of reange of motion in the neck while they are Relearning to See.

Natural Memory Improvement– Blurry vision habits and artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) supress right brain function and hamper overall brain function. People who look through artificial corrections see two-dimensional flat and grey compared to people with natural perfect eyesight. Natural perfect eyesight stimulates brain integration and synchronization. Fine tuning of the correct vision habits leads to photographic memory stimulation.

Natural Hearing Improvement– When people return to Natural Perfect Eyesight they take strain and tension off their brain and senses. They notice a much deeper range of hearing and a better comprehension and awareness of what they are hearing. Blurry vision habits scatter and mangle brain order and rythm.

Natural Time Improvement– I believe we lose a lot of time to staring. Staring is holding our eyes still. Staring starts as a way to rest, an unhealthy way. When we stare our brains turn off. When we have blurry vision we can stare a lot of our time away. A trouble with staring is that when it becomes a habit we can start to do it a lot even when rest is not necessary. When we are staring we are not looking at anything. When we need to see our eyes say “Who Me?”.

Natural Smelling Improvement– Just like all the senses, smelling improves when vision returns to natural perfect. Centralizing, a principle taught and emphasized in Natural Eyesight Improvement can be applied to all the senses and even to life itself. Life can be richer and heightened when we Relearn to See.

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