Posted by: NatuEyes | September 25, 2010

“Don’t Blink” … Great Song, Very Bad For The Eyes And Mind

What we think can have a large impact on what we imagine and do. It is very important to make good use of our time but blinking is very important and shouldn’t be related to letting precious life moments pass us by. People who rarely blink are either having heavy problems or will very quickly have problems. Blinking is very necessary for lubrication and for resting  of the eyes and activating the brain.

Not blinking is a form of staring which is a major cause of blurry vision and eye diseases. When we stare we turn off our brain for long periods. We lose that portion of our life. People with strong blur and glasses stare a lot of their lives away and often wonder if time is going by much quicker. It is very indicative of the many health problems people are suffering from. It much better to close our eyelids and rest than to turn our eyes and and brain off with our eyelids open.

Natural Perfect blinking is very simple. We should blink once every 2 – 5 seconds. Blinking should be light and quick, effortless and gentle. We should recognize and avoid habits of hard or nervous blinking.

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