Posted by: NatuEyes | September 19, 2010

Cavities Can Heal – Mouths Can Feel Much Stronger

Toothache    When I was 14 my dentist had just taken out one side of wisdom teeth. When my reflexologist Valerie Wolf had found out she said don’t let them take out the other set our teeth are very important organs. She gave me amazing information from Dr. Robert O. Nara. With this information I brought in my misaligned cavity filled wisdom teeth. Their cavities healed and they aligned to the rest of my teeth very well.

All my teeth were in pretty rough shape like my family’s with many cavities. I was able to heal all my cavities and pass my last dental exam without any new procedures and with no cavities. I haven’t been to the dentist in 16 years.

Our diets are very tough on our bodies as well as our teeth. We can moderate our diets and compensate fairly simply. By using a water pik with a good antibacterial solution we can heal cavities and gums and our mouths can be much stronger. This flushes out bacterial colonies that aren’t supposed to be in our mouth which hide in the gumline.

There are other ways to compensate for our unnatural, but all too common diets. Using liquid chlorophyll as a mouthwash is very strengthening and healing. I’ve also heard from the same source that brushing with black walnut powder can be very good at whitening.

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